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In July of 2007  Tim flew to Rome, Michigan to see the impact of both the Emerald Ash Borer and the treatment that was used on test streets.  The impact of the treatment was remarkable!

There in the midst of disaster caused by the EAB were beautiful ash trees, resilient to the destruction of the bor


Tim Flying to Romeo, MI about 45 miles north of  Detroit  to see Street Tree Research. Treat vs. Untreated Ash Trees

Tree in front was treated.  Contrast this to the tree to the right and back that was not treated.

Treated street tree

Another, healthy, treated street tree. Notice dead, untreated tree in the rear to the left of flagpole.

ArborJet truck parked under a beautiful, lush canopy of healthy, treated ash trees.

Trunk of healthy, treated street tree. Notice dying, untreated tree in rear of residence.

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