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This is without question one of the largest ash trees in existance.  This tree is 52 inches in diameter, and as can be seen in the picture below, it provides the foundation to quite a large tree house.  It also dwarfs the team member who is treating the tree.

Giant Ash Tree with Tree House

Big Ash Tree in Highland County, OH

After Vertical Mulching and Fertilizing, the giant ash tree was treated with ArborJet’s TREE-age formulation to protect it against attack by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

In the first picture you can see the team member in the process of Vertical Mulching and Fertilizing.  Vertical Muching and Fertilizing is recommend as an ongoing holistic tree health, especially in Ohio where the clay soil gets compacted and negatively impacts tree health.

Vertical Mulching is done with a pneumatic tool that bores a hole about the diameter of a golf ball, and one to one and a half feet  deep, into the ground.  Unlike other methods, this does not drill a hole that may damage the roots but uses air to simply blow the hole into the ground.   The pneumatic tool generates so much pressure that it fractures the compacted clay soil, and you can actually see the ground lift up several inches.

The holes are blown into the compacted clay soil in a radial pattern away from the trunk  like the spokes on a wheel.  And the holes extend out past the drip line.

After the holes are created they are filled with a special time release fertilizer that continues to nourish the tree’s root system over time.


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