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This year we’re finally getting some rain!  But our trees have suffered through four droughts in six years, plus other extremes. Too wet too long, and too dry too long. Our heavy clay soil has been like concrete, causing great stress to our trees. If trees were dropping leaves prematurely last season, it’s a sign they are stressed.

Make Your Trees Happy and Healthy…
To regain the health of trees stressed by drought, insects, and disease, aggressive action is required.

VMF1.  We pneumatically install two inch holes, ten to twelve inches deep, every three to four feet under the canopy of the tree.  These safely decompact and aerate the soil, stimulating the tree’s roots.

2.  We then back fill these holes with a special aggregate mixed with a slow release tree fertilizer, offering nutrients to the tree for the following 18 months.


  • Decompacts and aerates heavy clay soil
  • Directs water straight to the roots to preserve tree health and save your trees
  • Reduces the amount of water needed, and saves money
  • Time release fertilizer stimulates new root growth and promotes tree health.

We are following the lead of scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, adapting their methodology to local conditions. To read about their dramatic tree recovery results, go to Dramatic tree recovery methodology from Kew Gardens.

Vertical Mulching and Fertilizing is recommended every two years, especially after our last six years of extreme weather.

Act now to save your trees from effect of extreme weather, insects and disease.  Call me at 513-742-8733.



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